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About Us

SevenStar Inc. Founded in 2019, is a minority- and veteran-owned technology company developing innovative solutions for safer and more accountable Law Enforcement Operations.

Dimitri Roberts

Founder & CEO

Dimitri is a proven leader with over two decades of experience, both as a police officer and Navy veteran, with assignments to the FBI and Joint Special Operations Command. He is a leading intellectual voice and current Law Enforcement Analyst for CNN, FOX and CBS. His vision of a better tomorrow for both citizens and police led to the founding of SevenStar Inc. and the creation of PROTECTED.


Daniel Gorin


Daniel is a polyglot and passionate networker with a track record of pioneering the use of A.I. in EdTech, resulting in a multi-million Euro business. He now puts his 20-year experience at the intersection of software and entrepreneurship into the service of positive social impact by joining Dimitri as a Co-Founder of SevenStar Inc.